Look Up Moment #11
At first glance I shuddered. I did NOT want to come face to face with Mr. Mutant Dragon in the sky world. But than I looked again, a bit closer. He is throwing the shaka - a gesture of friendly intent! Maybe, just maybe, this mister wasn't so bad after all. So I paused in my judgement and got to know him just a bit more. And what did I discover? Mr. Mutant Dragon is really cool and will make a very loyal friend.

Let's not be too quick to judge and take those few extra seconds to get to know those who cross our path. There is almost always more to a person than meets the eye.


Patrons, I LOVE finding creatures in the sky that have no known earthly names. ;) But this leaves me scrambling trying to come up with what to call the various cloud life discovered. Hopefully, as time goes this will become easier and easier. And maybe we will figure out a way for you to be a part of the naming process.  :)