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The Lookdown, and Imposing Your Playstyle On Others
In the third installment of the End of the Line mechanics, I write up the "Lookdown" or "See No Evil" mechanic the way it was used at End of the Line, where it was also a parallel to the Tap-Out. After discussing why we made that choice, I went on a very long aside about how this means the Lookdown-as-Tap-Out mechanic could theoretically be used to enter a room where some players are already engaging in play of a consensual intensity and basically just enforce my lower comfort level on all of them. Because I ended up breaking all kinds of post length records,
I then decided to split out the immediately less useful stuff into a post of its own (although I rather suspect that you guys might be even more into the second part than the first).

Big thanks to all of you for your support. These two posts didn't end up being written during office hours even though that's my goal, because this whole overwhelming week has been about larp safety and community design in other ways. I ended up working so many hours I had to skip going to Berlin, where my colleagues of Participation | Design | Agency are producing a larp at the Berlin Biennale for artist Brody Condon today. So I guess, hm, I would have been working today anyway! Well – instead of documenting a larp, I documented an aspect of a previous game, and I get to sleep in my own bed. This qualifies as a win.

Thank you for being awesome! In the next few posts I'll write about some really juicy stuff from End of the Line: the request to escalate and the playstyle negotiation!