Looking Behind and Ahead
Both of today's articles are in some sense about seeing that which is out of sight.

The republication of Faith and Gaming:  Ouija gives my answer to the question of whether this popular entertainment diversion which presents as a tool of divination is inherently evil.  I admit it was a tough one, but the fact that I thought it through and answered it a decade ago makes the answer easier for me.

Meanwhile, Derek wonders for a moment whether his mother has eyes in the back of her head, and then having confirmed that she does not he wonders whether he can develop something that works that way, in For Better or Verse; Chapter 50, Brown 70.

I have moved the fourth novel forward.  My current problem is that I need to find a mission for Derek that will get him killed without it feeling like I intentionally sent him on a mission that would get him killed.  I've also realized that this book is a lot shorter than the third, which I think is shorter than the second but longer than the first, so I'm wondering what to do with everyone while Derek catches up; but that should work all right.

I've also drafted that tentatively promised web log post, but I feel like I put everything necessary into it but all in the wrong sequence, and I'm not sure how to fix it.  I have actually been refusing to look at it for about twenty hours so that my brain can disconnect from it and I can try reorganizing it, maybe later today.

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