Looking for Volunteers -- Writers and Readers alike!

The Transgender Language Primer is the largest online reference document for the language used around gender, sexuality, and transgender experience. With over 150 terms, we’re a trans-led resource to help our community and allies alike keep track of the expansive language of the human experience of gender. We have a few opportunities for folks to volunteer with us and help us as we continue to expand and grow. 

Web Checker Volunteers
Open to All

First and foremost, we need a volunteer or two to comb through our new website-- TransLanguagePrimer.org -- looking for those pesky typos, broken links, and other collateral from our initial launch. This is a great opportunity for someone who delights in using their attention to detail to really make an impact on the Primer by helping us polish the work to a professional shine. Please send us an email at [email protected] with the subject: Web Checker Volunteer if this sounds like you. 

Media Reader Volunteers
Open to All

We are also looking for folks to help us expand our additional links index. Additional links are outgoing links to trusted sources that provide our readers with additional context for the information contained in the Transgender Language Primer and connects our readers to communities with experience thereof. We need a few volunteers to read through some of our favorite sources and find articles for the TLP to list as additional links. Volunteers will be given a general criteria but will be trusted to use their own judgement as well. Volunteers for this position do not necessarily have to be trans, gender expansive, or trans-adjacent, though trans, gender expansive, and trans-adjacent folks are welcome to volunteer. Please send us an email at [email protected] with the subject: Media Reader Volunteer if you are interested in this opportunity. 

Entry Writer Volunteers
Open to Trans, Gender Expansive, and Trans-Adjacent folks

As the Transgender Language Primer expands, our staff has less time to focus on doing the research necessary to write thoughtful entries as we begin to move outside of our personal experience and expertise. As such, we’re putting out our first ever call for volunteers for writing Primer entries. We’ve broken our current list of additions into groups and are looking for trans, gender expansive, and trans-adjacent folks with direct expertise/experience in the following areas: Intersex experiences, Ace/Aro Spectrum experiences, STD/HIV prevention and healthcare, hormone/puberty blockers, physical transition experiences outside or beyond our current entries, TERF/FART ideology and terrorism. This work may become paid if we are able to secure funding. We have been working hard on grantwriting for what scant opportunities are available for organizations like ours, but our primary focus has been on our Spanish Language Translation (see below). But! If we are able to secure funding for entry writers, we intend to pay between $25-$75 per entry depending on depth, whether extended links are provided, and how much editing the draft needs before being ready to publish. If you’d like to find out more about this opportunity or already know you want to volunteer, please send us an email at [email protected] with the subject: Entry Writer Volunteers.

Spanish Language Translation Early List -- Paid Work
Open to Trans, Gender Expansive, and Trans-Adjacent folks.

We are working hard to secure funding for at least one, hopefully two lead translators, alongside as many beta-readers as we can find to help out for our Spanish translation of the Transgender Language Primer. We are looking for trans, gender expansive, and trans-adjacent folks who feel confident that they can carry the nuance that we’ve baked into our English version of the Primer  over into Spanish in a way that transcends regional phraseology.  If you want to be on the early list for this project, either as a candidate for lead translator or a part of our beta reading team and are trans, gender expansive, or trans-adjacent, please send us an email at [email protected] with the subject: Spanish Language Translation: and either Lead or Beta-Reader