Looking for your Feedback!
Hello Patrons!

First of all, thank you so much for your continued support. We're nearing the end of the fourth week of Season Two of The NovelCast, and we're already about 20% through Cybersaurus: The Awakening. I figured I'd take a moment to solicit your feedback, as you are my wonderful producers.

How do you feel about the three-day-a-week release schedule? I know you likely listen to a number of podcasts, and even though The NovelCast is only about a half hour (or less) per episode, I understand it can be difficult to remain caught up with each podcast. Are these episodes coming too fast for you to consume? Or do you like the fast release schedule, so that you can return to the podcast with multiple chapters to listen to at once?

Please let me know your thoughts! And thanks again for your generous donations!