Looks like we are going to get snowed off!
Ahoy there shipmates.

Well we were hoping to get a bit of sailing in later this week, we've not managed to get any done since we got back from our trip and have started getting withdrawal symptoms :( 

So we thought we might just get a few hours in  sometime this week,  albeit on the lake but at least its sailing time. Well we've just had two weather warnings for snow and ice in our region over the next few days so even if we wrap up like Jen has in the photo above I think it might be a bit too cold to really enjoy the sailing. Ah well, the time can be put to good use and Jen can finish off her Dayskipper theory course. Just on the final chapter now and then its exam time. Ideally she wants to get it finished before the end of this month, so watch this space to see how she gets on.

Enjoy the rest of your day shipmates.

C & J