Loony Emotions
The more I thought of this crossover idea, the more enthusiastic I became in making it!  No I don't know who they're controlling. Probably Daffy, or Elmer Fudd, or even a cartoonist.

For those who want to know, those are Lola and Tina as they appeared in The Looney Tunes Show, only here drawn in the "classic" Looney Tune style and recolored and outfitted for the roles in Inside Out.  They are NOT gender-bent Bugs and Daffy!  Also, Fear for the longest time was going to be Daffy until I remembered that Sylvester can be more in-character here instead at the last minute.  Daffy was also gonna be a gender-bent Disgust until I realized there's now a female Daffy of sorts with a personality that fits Disgust better.  

I HATE that control panel! Just for how detailed it is.  I could have done some shortcuts and loosely presented them in my own arrangement, but I realized it's best to be faithful to the movie and make it a copy, more or less. 

Get a full-rez version by downloading the attachment! :D

Looney Tunes (C) Warner Bros.

Inside Out (C) Disney Pixar