It is far too easy to settle into rigidity without even being aware that it is happening.  I think most humans tend to close up in one way or another as they travel through life.  The challenge is to remain open.  To keep your wings out.  Recently, I have been painting in a more precise manner.  Bent over my work table for a long period of time, neck kinked, hand beginning to cramp. 

I am working on a commission and have wrapped myself so tightly around it that I have lost my flow.  The reason why I was asked to do this in the first place is because of my style.  Free and open...whimsical.

Often, moving my body in a yoga class gives me tremendous insight.  I am made of water.  I am designed to flow and move and shift.  When I returned to my work after class today, I had a different approach.  Breathe, relax...loosen up.  Lean into it.

The painting in this post is the result.  It is not the final piece for the commission, but it is headed back toward myself so I can create something beautiful.  I am thankful for my able body, that reminds me when I am being rigid.  I am also thankful for friends and family who support my journey.  Those who are in the constant pursuit of remaining like water.