Loot Crate Livestream!
If you follow me on Twitter/FB/Instagram, you'll see that I got my Loot Crate today! 

I'm attending a wedding today, and working the whole day tomorrow, so I have to wait until Monday to open it up. That being said, any Patrons at the $10+ per month level will get an exclusive link to a livestream where I will be unboxing it. The unboxing will also be filmed & put up on Youtube, but if you want to see me mess up a whole bunch in the beginning and probably hear the people in my house yelling, it'll be a real fun time (plus you'll get to see if before anyone else). This will happen probably Monday morning-ish (Eastern standard time), though if you are a $10+ patron and would much prefer another time, let me know, and I will see what I can do!

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