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Because you are helping me out some you will get the following rewards:
You can suggest a movie or show for me to review for the month of November for the 'Thankful For Review Special' 
You will get to see some deleted scenes from two Drama Chick Reviews videos.
You will get to see a fun vid that I took while shooting the 5th episode at Disney World.
You will will be able to watch the 'lost' Drama Chick episode which will never be released anywhere else.
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You are helping a tad more and get the same stuff as the $1 reward. Plus:
 Your name will be added in the credits to all of my videos from here on out.
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You are giving lots, so you get the same stuff as the $1 and $2 reward. Plus:
You can make review requests that won't happen in November.  I will get to all requests as soon as possible.  
Please note that all requests must have to do with either an Asian live action film or show, and/or be a live action American film or show that is either a knock off of one or a film or show with very heavy Asian themes.  
If you have any questions about a movie you want me to look at, don't be afraid to ask
You will also see special Design Corners in which you will be able to help determine the look of the show
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