Loot Scoop 7/24/16
Get a heapin’ helpin’ of this week’s Loot Scoop, a recap of all the goodness released on Loot Storm!

Monday (Article, Social Card)

We kick off this week with a HOT article discussing how hot Fel Flame is. The answer: pretty freakin’ hot!

Check it out here!

Tuesday (Cantina Release!, Social Card)

This week was the new day for the Cantina release. We talked Subscriptions and what makes us get out our IRL wallets in online games. Check out the discussion here!

We also unraveled our new morning Social content for Tome Tuesday. Make sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook for all the tomey goodnes.

Wednesday (Webcomic! Waffle Wednesday!)

A new webcomic means new adventures in the world of Bind on Pickup. This time around we witness Hellgore unleash his fury upon the online world. Watch out for the flames and check it here!

Our new social mornings for Wednesday focuses on just about any “W” word we can think of, and spinning it to find an online game equivalent. Waffle Wednesday was first, but there is plenty more to come. Let us know your ideas!

Thursday (Lockbox Release!)

Pokemon Go catch the 90s this week as we talk all sorts of games we’ve been playing, which eventually culminates in an age old discussion: how important is the water balloon filler?

Get out your super soakers and check it out here.


IT’S FINALLY HERE! The first video of the Ramen Challenge! It’s squishy, it’s unhealthy, it’s disheartening, it’s all that and more.

Check it out here….IF YOU DARE!

Also, we have some chilling stories to tell in the dark with Scary Gamer Stories. Read with the lights on, or around a campfire. Read them here.

That’s it for this week, but as always you can look forward to more awesome content throughout the coming weeks.