Lord Cyrill - 'Princess' of House Castellen
Cyrill is the second son of Viscount Gerard Castellen, lord of the northern boarder. House Castellen is a minor, but important, house, focusing on protection and early warning for the rest of the kingdom. With his older brother away at the Royal Academy, it falls on him to aid his father in helping maintain the territories that border the disputed lands. Cyrill spends a lot of his time on horseback, riding to and from castles and forts delivering orders and inspecting preparations for reports back to his father, proving his worth in spite of his lack of inheritance.

Of course, lacking the pressure of taking over lordship of the house, Cyrill is free to pursue his own interests with far more freedom than his brother. As a result, the young lord spends a lot of his free time chasing the skirts of the local maids, which contributes to his reputation, and looks. Having seen how the maidens fawn over bards and performers, Cyrill has decided to mimic their 'pretty boy' look, which often attracts jokes and teasing up until the retainers see how popular he is. Because of this, Cyrill is less vain about his looks, and more taking advantage of what he can.

Despite his vice, he is still an overall kind and honorable person, and does not simply 'use' the maidens in spite of his skirt chasing.


Armor: Cyrill is not a big fighter. Young and inexperienced, he wears only a few plates most of the time, though he will don more armor if needed, unaccustomed as he is to it.

Weapons: Cyrill does have some experience with weapons, though mostly due to his own interests than actual training. A single edged sidesword rests in its scabbard, which has been combined with a quiver for his hunting bow. Though less powerful than a warbow, Cyrill does favor this for his ability to use it from horseback.

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