Lord Okkoto inspired costume - Finished! #2
Sorry for the long wait, but finally I have got this costume finished and properly photographed!
More public photos can be seen in this post.

It is a hand made mask and costume inspired by Lord Okkoto from one of my all time favourite movies: Princess Mononoke, where the boar god Okkoto turns into a demon after being blinded by rage because of the humans destruction of the forest.
I am selling a whole costume with the mask and a cloak.

Photography - Behind the camera: Evelina Wallin
Model - Behind the mask: Magnus Marklund
Maker - Running around: Me!

►How It's Made◄
See a timelapse video here!
The mask has been sculpted by me, then molded and "cast" in my own  ecological paper clay (a kind of papier maché that I make myself from  mainly re-used paper). The paper clay is hard and a little flexible  which makes it very durable, as are the tusks which are cast in resin (plastic). The mask has been painted by hand with acrylic colors and given a protective coating with a clear matte varnish. The tentacles are made of wires and latex and can carefully be repositioned if needed
(when holding them at the base).
The costume accompanying this mask consists of one under-cloak in a thin cotton fabric and one over-cloak in a thicker cotton fabric as well as faux fur, all patinated to look the part.

The big holes under the boars eyes makes it easy to see out through this masks. These holes as well as the mouth are covered with a thin black see-through fabric on the inside of the mask which makes it possible to see out through the mask (obviously the sight will be less clear than normal) but the eyes will look black/dark from the outside.
The mask is comfortably worn with sturdy adjustable straps in the back and foam pieces inside the mask.

More info at Etsy!

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