Lore-Bits #3: Odrakos and the Serpent War
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 I figured I would give some insight to Odrakos, because that is where Jana Hildegard is from.

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How Odrakos Got Its Name

Odrakos, meaning "Of Dragons", is a relatively new re-branded name of the province of Koskenepis.

Koskenepis has a very rich history, but as far as how it became Odrakos, that name was decided on after the conclusion of the Serpent War.

The Serpent War

The Serpent War happened many centuries before present day, but ultimately began from controversy between the Vadiden of Chularia, and the Kado of Ryuka. It is also known as the war that led to the death of the Dragons. The circumstances surrounding The Serpent War, even to this day, have been muddled in a flurry of he-said-she-said dialogues and re-written histories, but all that has been confirmed is that the "Dragon-Tamers", as they became known, ended up using the Dragons as a weapon against Chularia. This led to the other neighboring provinces helping Chularia, since Ryuka seemed the bigger threat to an otherwise defenseless people, which in turn made them all enemies of Ryuka.

This culminated in many important battles, but what led to Koskenepis' rebranding was the Fall of The Great Dragon, Fiopa Nukoa. After being wounded in many battles during the war, Nukoa was finally bested in Kingdom Hildegard, which ultimately ended up being a turning point.

After his demise, the other Dragons lost their morale, and while they took thousands of lives in the battles, ultimately, they were all killed, which signaled the end of the war.


It was easy for many of the people to take up arms against the Dragons. They were always seen as a potential threat, should they ever be in the wrong hands, and the events surrounding the beginning of the war seemed like the perfect example of that. However, all it ended up accomplishing was the displacement of the citizens of Ryuka and the genocide of the Dragons.

Nevertheless, the people of Koskenepis saw things differently. From their perspective, simply sending aide to Chularia and providing asylum brought them in the line of fire, and the Eastern Kingdoms were attacked, many set ablaze by Fiopa Nukoa. Killing The Great Dragon, to the people, was a sign that they had toppled the Dragons, and thus decided to make a historic name change as evidence.

To this day, it is a slightly divisive name, and many will still refer to it as Koskenepis.

(Info above is somewhat subject to change)

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