Lore-Bits #6: Demons
Hey all,

Real life got in the way and made it a moot point to draft up some stuff yesterday, but here I am today.

As we discussed last time, there are demons in this universe, but how they came to be relevant is an interesting tale. But first, a bit about them.

Demon Biology

Demons are a plethora of races from the aptly named "Demon Realm". The name Demon was used as a catch-all to describe the beings as non-human. In this regard, it matters not what a Demon looks like, acts like, or the level of their power; Sapient, Sentient beings are collectively referred to this way.

Demons also have a wide array of phenotypical presentations, grouped into what we think of as species, but is more correctly termed races, since they can all breed with each other. There are currently 6 known races of demons: Cetecians, Efreeti, Tengu, Golems, Seraphim, and Fey. 

Their methods of conception are also quite interesting. With no exception, those dubbed the First Spawn, came about from the creation of a god-like being that, unsurprisingly, looks visually similar to them. These "Parent Deities" are sapient and sentient as well, but play a very lax role, much of the time. Despite this, they often are lauded as the high rulers of the regions they inhabit. They are also able to breed with other Parent Deities, and has historically been used as a political ploy -- often one will agree to create an offspring with another so that they have a broader area of influence. This creates interesting intersectional areas where you will see many kinds of Demons coexisting. In some cases, the Demons are physically spawned from their creators body. In others, they are willed into existence through exceptionally strong magic use. Demons have a growth rate similar to Humans, except that they live much, much longer on average.

Genetically, they are actually fairly close, but as stated above, the type of demon can produce a wildly different appearance, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, no two demons look identical to each other, even within the same race.

Modern Demon Interaction with Humans

While there is a plethora of things to be said about what happened when First Contact happens, currently, Demons have a very polarizing role in Alomyria. Depending where they go, they are subject to slums, forced to work in physically taxing environments, or can glide by as any other being. Few places openly support and encourage Demon traffic though, primarily due to the commoners being skeptical at best. Nonetheless, many Demons found a niche environment. As for why they left their realm in the first place, that goes back to why First Contact even occurred, but can simply be labeled as "political reasons", similarly this is partly why they are unable to return, should they decide they do not like Alomyria.

Hope this Lore-Bit was interesting. I know it isn't super in-depth, but whatcha gonna do. I can't give everything away.