Lore Drop #1 - Diner to the Farm House
Hey everyone!

It's time for our very first Lore info drop. With this we wanted to give an expanded look into the world of What's in the Attic?

Today we will be going over the events of the game (which we can share right now without spoiling too much), to give you a good understanding of what the player does while they play, and the locations which they visit.

To begin, the player chooses their character, either Mason Wells or Fiona Wells. Upon their selection a sequence brings the player into a local Diner within a fictional town in our fabricated county within Nevada. While there, Wells orders a coffee and starts winding down as his/her day is over and they're heading home. Here they overhear from a few locals about missing tourists and the waiters discussing a missing local. 

The player can explore the diner at this point and enquire about both. The missing local peaks his/her attention as they know the man in question and become somewhat concerned for his wellbeing. With that knowledge gained the player character decides to check in on the missing local as they head home.

Cut now to a cinematic of the sheriff heading through town and pulling up at the locals farm to check in on him. 

The player now arrives at the missing locals home, to find it in darkness and with no response when they knock. They check around the back to see if there is any answer round there, nothing. Returning to the front they find the front door open and the porch light on. They enter...

That brings us to the end of this week’s lore drop, hope everyone likes the post and can't wait to share more info on What's in the Attic? with you all.

Have a great day!