Loree McBride's anti-Trump protesters
Notice how they're all wearing pink (the trademark color of their deceased evil leader Angelina Ballerina). Nobody has any truly intelligent arguments. They operate like a bunch of Nazi propagandists and are only encouraging people to stereotype Donald Trump based on lies promoted by JESUIT NEWS. The only truly accurate news source is Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable), which is separate from mainstream FOX News (which suffers from heavy Jesuit infiltration). Alex Jones is more accurate than mainstream news, which is why I am promoting his reporter in this playlist. This Alex Jones reporter has done a great job showing how Loree McBride's Jesuits are attempting to dumb down everybody in her sick attempt to rule the world in place of Angelina Ballerina (her fallen hero). Because Loree is a murderer, liar, rapist, thief, and criminal, the only way she can win is through intimidation, extortion, defamation and BRAZEN NAZI  PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUES. Also, because I live here, there are a lot of Loree McBride Jesuits in my town, because I am Loree's number one target. This explains the large amount of Trump protesters. Loree hates Trump because he won't fall in line to her agenda.SHOW LESS