Los Olvidados (lyrics)
[Abyssal Underlord]

Saying I'll buff you

are not the words we 

want to hear from you

It's not that we don't want you to

We just feel there's more pressing issues

Like the fact

We've been stuck in Warcraft III for years

[Abyssal Underlord and Arc Warden]

We're so bored

We're all alone in this

dumb ugly prequel

If we didn't have to use

Legacy keys

It would be marginally better

What could we do

to get put in Dota 2?

We just want to not be lame

before doter is ded game

With spells this great

Imagine our Slahser's Way

You can make all this come true

Just by patching us in too


We're so bored

[Abyssal Underlord]

Tinker and Furion are such shitheads

Rat Dota should be banned

But with me in the game

Sweet five man ganks will make them understand

And Arc Warden

Is a hero with Midas as core

[Abyssal Underlord and Arc Warden]

That's so cool

That's all we need

More pub players that carry

But it is sort of unfair

We haven't been

In a TI ever

What do you do

that we're not in Dota 2?

We don't know programming stuff

So you're lazy and get fucked

Is it too late

to make our models look this way?

Please don't make me look more dumb

than I did making this song