Updated all social interactions
New buffs
Added responses to some of the interactions (Suggested by Phant0mGam3sYT)

This mod adds 3 traits to The Sims 4.  Deadbeats Trait, Egomaniacal Scumbag, and Master Manipulator.  

Deadbeat Trait
These Sims are generally unemployed but have excuses for not having a job, and they find ways to beg for their living expenses.  

Total of 13 social interactions with most having a response from the Sim they're talking to.  Beg for money will give your Sim a few bucks.  Beg for free stuff is suppose to loot a crystal but doesn't seem to trigger.  Beg for free food will always return a "no".

Egomaniacal Scumbag trait
These Sims believe they're superior to everyone else but are actually hiding extreme insecurities.

There are 16 social interactions.  Some have responses from the Sim they're talking to.

Master Manipulator Trait
These Sims are really good at creating a strong bond with their target for the purpose of using them later.  They tend to develop friendships a lot easier as well as romantic connections.  

There are 7 social interactions for Master Manipulators.  No responses just yet.

Please remove the previous version of this mod if you're going to use this one.

Download file, extract to your Sims 4 Mod folder.  This is a script mod.  

Added the mod without needing to unzip them.  Just create a folder for them.  Keep the script file and package file in the same folder.  Add to your Sims 4 mods folder.  Hope this helps.

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