Lost City of Chichén Itzá
El Castillo, officially called the Pyramid of Kukulkan, is approximately  250,000 years old. This pyramid hides two other pyramids underneath  which are all similarly oriented.  The orientation patterns on this site correlate for 99.99970% with the former proven geographic poles that moved over Greenland. The moving pole position correlates with the last series of four ice ages.

The ancient observatory on Chichen  Itza, called El Caracol, contains the clues to unravel all the mysteries  of this very ancient Mayan city.

The key to understand the city is  hidden in advanced mathematics. The angle between both Winter and Summer  solstices depends on the latitude of the observer.  All keys are there  in this observatory, unlocking an amazing ancient history. The method or  theory is put into practice on many other sites which will also be  published the coming months.

Next on the roll after Chichen Itza is Stonehenge.

Mathematics is the only thing we need to unravel the ancient mysteries. We don't have to dig anymore...