I have been private for several months about my project to work with homeless children in Seattle. In one week, the thing I've been working on all year is happening. Over forty children are registered for a Music and Fine Arts Camp targeting homeless and transient youth. The children will be using markers and Sharpies and they will be practicing their drawing skills. While falling in love with metaphor and symbolism,  they will practice self care during unthinkable change. We will be making our own "Trading Cards" along with boxes for their treasures.

I am drawing examples of saints and sages using the supplies they will be using. There is something about designing your own superhero - using bits from your imagination to personalize and empower the hidden inner pieces that need working out. This illustration, The Lost Coin, has some childhood Catholic influence in the symbolism; flames are the "Lil Tongues of Fire" that appear as sprouts from a garden- they are little hopes that had been lost- she (my mythical character) is keeping them in a heavenly realm. She has a dark side that doubts - the cynic. But the lost coin (poverty leads to cynicism) is in good keeping. Her dress is a boat- a storm that has been calmed is dancing around her. It was helpful to see her blooms of lotus rise out of her crown. They bloom of mud and rise through the darkness to reach enlightenment. 

This and many other little drawings will help me prepare the lesson plans that will be used in next week's trading cards classes. I feel grateful for the steady gifts that have made this camp possible- last week I was at Mary's Place where a mother of five children with now where to go watched as they exploded with joy about the art table. In September, a sustainable mobile studio of beautiful art supplies will begin to frequent three different homeless shelters and I will be able to connect, one on one, with many children and teens. They will be producing their own saints and sages using symbols, stories, and imaginings from their own inner places. I hope to be able to share final works here on Patreon! 

Again, thank you for your support. It means so much.

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