Lost in November
I'm sorry guys. I've been away for quite awhile.

I injured myself slipping down stairs trying to go play in the rain at midnight. I'm still not healed.

It's been a struggle. Feeling useless, helpless, and the toll being in constant pain took on my mental health has been the opposite of awesome. But I think I'm on the mend. I still cant sit for very long, laying down is still the only way I can function mostly, but I can walk better and do small tasks.... such a bother, these pesky backs, that they are basically the core of normal human movement.

I'll be back on here much more often. I may not be able to stream for a bit longer though, as I can't sit up properly for long. I've decided to make this my spoken platform, as well as my art, because I think I need to start moving towards having them intertwine. 

I've been creating, oh yes, playing with different ideas and mediums, trying to fully form my voice and style.... it's slowly trickling in.

It is November. It was already taxing me, I ponder, reflect on anniversaries of things, especially the year just passed. I require more of these momens and reflecions in November. It is always a very strange combinations of somber and ecstatic moods.... What is it about November.

This one, so far, I've been living in somber. The loss of Leonard (Launching a project for that soon, more to come, stay tuned) The state of the country I live, I've not found a voice to really speak about it yet. I am watching while the overflow of news articles from every side and perspective bombard me everytime I open a social media platform. I don't know how to feel about quite a lot of things right now.

But I do know this. I. myself, will now and forever be a safe place. I will always extend love. Today, this flew out of me, because it was all I could see. It's all I can focus on. There is still hope. Don't give up. We will get through this. 


extra hugs and kisses,


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