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A Lot of Angry Goats: WLD #038
Thank you for joining us for the We Like Drinking show episode 38. In this episode we’ll be discussing Lagunitas paired with Heineken, Story Beers, and a lot of Angry Goats. So crack open your beer, uncork that wine, and let’s get drinking.

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Panel Introductions (30 minutes)

A finalist in the 2013 Wine Blog Awards, a certified California Sustainable Winegrowing Ambassador, and the founder of the stay rad wine blog who’s been known to steal candy from babies… Jeff “The King of All Wine Media” Solomon. Jeff is drinking Mouton Cadet 2014 Bordeaux Blanc

He’s a member of the American Homebrewers Association and a professional brewer with Angry Goats Brewery Costa Rica, who never returns his shopping carts in parking lot… John Ruyak. John is drinking 2010 Palazzo della Torre 'Allegrini'

I’m the other Jeff on the show, a certified specialist of wine who is suing the state of California for putting arsenic in my wine…and tonight I’m drinking 2012 Ponzi Vineyards Pinot Noir

Eric - US Expat living in Costa Rica for the last 3 years, Owner of Keva Juice Colorado. Still the best all around Hockey player on the Angry Goats. Founding member and Marketing Specialist for Angry Goats Brewery Playa del Coco Costa Rica. Eric Patton. Eric is drinking Flor De Cana 7 year Rum

Booze News - Where we discuss interesting, note-worthy, or idiotic stories. (15 minutes)

John R - Does a story add more value to the beverages you drink? http://mobile.beveragedaily.com/Sectors/Beer-Wine-Spirits-Cider/AB-InBev-on-storytelling-EuroPack-2015

Jeff E - Heineken buys 50% of Lagunitas - http://www.theheinekencompany.com/media/media-releases/press-releases/2015/09/1950299

Ask The Panel - Where you get to ask us a question about wine or beer. If you have a question you want answered just email us at [email protected]. If we read your question on the air you’ll get some cool WLD SWAG. (10 Minutes)

Brad from Swankville has two questions:

Is there a book or website to reference the specific tastes of hops similar to tasting notes for wine?

How scientific is beer making? ie Are there specific percentages of hops in IPA’s?

What’s up? What do you have your eyes on or what do you have coming up. (10 minutes)

Jeff S - I’ll be brewing a Piney the Elder clone in a few weeks.

John R- Going to Balloon Fiesta this weekend. Gates open at 4:30. I'll let you know if they are serving beer with the funnel cake

Last call - Time to clean house and lock the doors (10 minutes)

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OK panel, let’s take one last trip around the table and get some final thoughts before we shut off the lights.

John R

Jeff S

Eric -

Jeff E

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