LOTD: Pet Shop of Horrors, vol. 2
Stories of deadly dragons, mermaids, and the deadliest of all: MAN.


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Early access to all side videos a day before they're put on the site. This includes Let's Plays, Vlogs, History of Power Rangers, Longbox of the Damned, Riffs, etc.
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Behind the Scenes Photos and/or script excerpts of Atop the Fourth Wall episodes as they're written. Plus early access to all side videos!
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The badge choices can be found here, just do a search in the gallery for "card tags." I would individually link them, but unfortunately that function no longer seems to be working.

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You can officially choose something I review on Atop the Fourth Wall after two pledges here! Here's how this works: you will be charged $50 upon choosing this tier. This is a down-payment - guaranteeing you a slot and you can make the request to me. However, you must wait until you have been charged again at the beginning of the next month before it becomes official, meaning the total for a review request is $100 when all is said and done. This is to prevent these requests from overwhelming the show. Once you have the slot and are charged, feel free to contact me through Patreon's messenger system or my website's Contact form to arrange the details of your request: http://atopthefourthwall.com/contact/

Here are some rules to follow with this:

-It must be a piece of media that can be reviewed, like a movie, an episode (or episodes) of a TV series, a video game, or most preferably since my show is focused on them: a comic book.

-Nothing pornographic.

-I reserve the right to say no to your request and offer an alternative. If an agreement cannot be reached on what to cover, a refund will be offered.

-There are limits to how long something is that I can review. My show is put out weekly and there is no way I can reasonably recap and review a full 20-episode TV season in just one video.

-The same goes for an entire full-length manga volume (individuals chapters are preferable).

-While I am flexible when it comes to comic length, bear in mind that the longer the book is, the less jokes there are and the more summarizing is in place in order to cover the relevant plot points, which makes for a less entertaining video.

-Video games cannot exceed 30 hours to complete unless an agreement can be reached about it (if it's a game I've played before or part of a franchise I'm familiar with, I'll be more willing to bend this rule).

-You are only purchasing ONE episode per year. You may not request something be covered over multiple weeks at a time.

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