Lots of Changes. Please Read.
So with both my ask blogs over, I felt I needed to give you guys some reasons to keep supporting me.  So I've decided to add some new goals and a new perk to the $10 tier, since I won't be doing Thiklestia anymore.

First I'll start by explaining the new $10 tier bonus and $200 goal.  I used to do a show called Cartoon Commentary, in which I and a friend (usually Krunchy or Meiou) would watch a bad cartoon and provide commentary over it.  Here's an example episode.  I stopped doing these do to combination of some bad stuff going on in my life and a lot of them getting content ID'd (many of which seemed like scams to put ads on them and profit from them, with me getting nothing).  So I figure if this tier is reached, I won't care if they get content ID'd or not, and I can give a little money to my co-commentators.  

Also I will be doing a monthly exclusive Cartoon Commentary episode for people on the $10 tier.  This will only be seen on this Patreon and it will start this month.

Next I'll explain the new $300 goal.  If this goal is reached, I'll create a new Pokemon related ask blog or fan comic.  I'd prefer to do it as an ask blog, but with a lot of the stuff going on with Tumblr, I can't be too sure that's the angle I want to go.  Regardless if this goal is reached, it will be released as a weekly ask blog or webcomic.  It will star some fan characters I've created and used in a variety of artwork, that has gotten a lot of positive responses.  I will show you some of the concept art below.

Next is the $800 goal.  If this is reached, I'll bring back my Top 7 videos.  These got stopped because they were the most time consuming and exhausting videos to make.  Regardless, I'm willing to bring them back, because I kinda' miss doing them.  I'm thinking of possibly doing one in January regardless named "Top 7 Best New Cartoons On TV", but no promises.  If this goal is reached, though, I will make Top 7 videos regularly every other month.

Last but not least is the $1000 goal.  Cartoon Catastrophes seems to be my most popular video show and the second to most time consuming show I've done.  Currently it's kind of on a "whenever I feel like making an episode" schedule, which is usually every other month.  Though I occasionally have made episodes two months in a row or skipped an update all together.  If this goal is reached, not only will Cartoon Catastrophes have a consistent schedule, it will be monthly.  Yup, I will release an Cartoon Catastrophes episode every month.

So that's all the changes to Patreon.  Let me know what you think, and thank you for your support.