Lots of stuff coming tomorrow!
Hey all, sorry I've been quiet this month. Life gets busy, but I've been working pretty steadily on Hue, and as always, tomorrow means a new release. I'll be releasing the usual $5 release as well as the free version I meant to get out weeks ago (sorry about that too). I'll also be posting a video log soon detailing my progress this month. 

As for tonight, I plan on pretty much working through the night on the big boss for this level. I've got lots left to do, but I think I can get it done before falling asleep. Tomorrow afternoon there'll be a few posts on this Patreon, so get ready for a wave on content again!

And as always, thank you all for your love, interest and support! It really keeps me going when I want to get lazy or sidetracked, and it means everything to me!