Lots to Bee Getting on With! - KM126
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Yay, we have just released a new beekeeping show.  We hope you will enjoy this one.  We sure enjoyed bringing it to you.

This episode we talk about Fascinating Honey Bee Facts and being too close may cause hive losses?

Links / Resources mentioned this week

Here is what is in the show (Now with Times)

  • What's been happening at kiwimana? - 00:01:41
  • Preparing a Submission to the new AFB Proposal - 00:05:10
  • kiwimana Roving Reporters - 00:09:14
  • What should you be doing with your bees? - 00:13:45
  • Blog Recap - 00:20:38
  • Beekeeping News - 00:22:43
  • Beekeeper rivalry' arson attack kills 700,000 bees - 00:23:47
  • Too big, too close bee yards risk hive losses - 00:27:04
  • Kicked out of a farmers market! - 00:31:42
  • 20 Fascinating Honey Bee Facts - 00:35:56
  • What's your Number One Beekeeping Problem? - 00:38:08
  • Feedback from you guys!!! - 00:43:07

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