'Love' At First Sight Is Actually Simply Lust At First Sight
“Love at first sight” (LAFS) is a common trope we see in film and television everywhere, but you may be surprised to hear that this phenomenon isn’t actually what it seems. Every third person reports that they’ve experienced this at least once, and LAFS can certainly be a good thing for a couple.
Those who remember starting their relationships with LAFS report more passion toward their partners than people who didn’t remember feeling LAFS, and more passion is linked to higher relationship satisfaction and stability.

But this experience of “love” may not be the type of “love” we normally think of, and it’s more likely infatuation. To figure out what this kind of attraction really is, a group of Dutch researchers conducted a few studies to get to the bottom of this.

Across the three studies, LAFS was reported 49 times by 32 different individuals, making up 8% of all participants (remember, in each study, participants saw photos of or interacted with more than one potential partner, so they could’ve reported LAFS more than once). So, some people definitely feel LAFS for someone they barely know. (Sadly for those reporting LAFS in Study 3, not one of these instances was reciprocal.)

To find out more about what this type of love really is, read the full piece at Forbes.