Love Collector v.84 dev build
This build will go public after a bit of testing, assuming it all works :3

Bunches o' improvements this time. The game should work with 4k+ displays now, and behave the same across any screen size. Woo! 

A cheats screen is accessible from the in-game menu that allows you to do a bunch of stuff you probably want to do. This way, it's easy to bypass any of the game's restrictions/progression individually, or all at once.

Other stuff- Higher-tier NPCs have more orgasms in them, and won't drain all their cum at once without some serious edging. Facial expressions added to the Collect sequences. Bellies under high pressure cause additional splatter when the pressure is released. The Suspicion mechanic is finally a legit thing. Some more Dash content added.

Tier 2 patrons test it early here! 


  • High screen resolutions no longer break the screen layout
  • High screen resolutions no longer break particle effects
  • Cheats screen added to in-game menu.
  • Cheat: Free fluid/energy
  • Cheat: Unlock all abilities
  • Cheat: Upgrade all stats
  • Cheat: Unlock all NPCs
  • Cheat: Cum no longer spills out. (Note: your stomach can only get so big. After that, the cum inside pressurizes down to the density of a black hole if you keep filling it.)
  • Cheat: NPCs cum more
  • Cheat: NPCs don't run out of cum
  • Cheat: NPCs don't get tired
  • NPC improvement- some NPCs have much more cum in them, but won't shoot it all at once. The white hearts meter shows the amount they're going to shoot.
  • NPCs can be edged to shoot more in one go.
  • Screen gets splattered when cum ejects from player at high pressures
  • Characters now show facial expressions and blushes during Collection
  • NPC menu is now organized by NPC tier rather than race.
  • NPCs can be be varying levels of Suspicious depending on how well they know the selected character. Upgrade Charm to use suspicious NPCs.
  • More facial expressions added to Rainbow Dash
  • RD's wingboner animation improved
  • RD's eyes now track what's going on
  • The Menu button is now three buttons to represent the NPC select, the Shop, and Upgrades screen.
  • Menu buttons will show an alert icon if there's something new you can buy/unlock.
  • Patron list updated
  • Fixed issue where dicks would turn invisible on Fluttershy
  • Fixed RD ass anims partially freezing sometimes
  • Fixed floating pink dot showing on RD anims
  • Toned down white flash for player orgasm, which was blocking visibility

What's next?

BB is in the midst of moving house, so I'll have to wait for that before getting the Twilight rig for Love Collector. D:

In the meantime, I'll work on some SHF3 improvements! There's a bunch of features I really want to add to this thing, and all of them are strange and excessively lewd. The WIP game might also get an update, depending on how much time I have.

<3 <3 <3