Love Everyone!
 Patreon is a way to help the creators you follow fund the creations you love.
You’re basically giving them support on their projects for a super special awesome perks in return. "An eye for an eye" as they say! Yay! (>w<)
In my case you’ll be helping fund each development project I make.
Patreon is kinda like Indiegogo and Kickstarter but instead of funding one project you fund MANY! You can choose how much you would like to pledge be it $1, $5, $10 ect ect ect.
If you’re worried about losing money/going over your own budget then its all good in the hood as Patreon has a ‘Cap Limit’ setting where you can say exactly how much you’re willing to give in total each month. So if I posted 4/5 projects during the month instead and you wanted to pay for a total of 2 per month then it won’t go over your own budget. Honestly wish I had known this from past experiences *sighs* but its a great setting where you won’t be out of pocket each month helping your fave creators <3 You are also able to cancel or adjust the amount at any given time, which is a great perk with Patreon.
I work on a new project every week. 4-6 monthly max.
Amounts below are listed in dollars, but that doesn't mean its just for people in the United States, anyone across the globe can become a supporter/Patreon.

I hope you don't feel like you have to become a Patreon, because either way I will still love you all <3
I understand more than anybody that you can't always splash the cash (^.^').
This is basically a tool to help me provide more high standard quality content for you all!
I'm soo grateful for all the support I have received through the years. Everyone has helped me branch out and meet and work with amazing people in my life and help me perform in more ways than one. Hopefully with all your help I can continue with my dream of developing as much as I can, and I'd love for you all to continue joining me on this adventure!