Love, Fear, & Suffering
One of the things we all have in common when we go through our twin flame journey, is we all are given the opportunity of awakening. We are all being given, not a love story, but a life story. We are being asked to commit ourselves to the tenants of love and to go forth into this world and light it up. People get hung up on pain and suffering and one of the things I hear all the time is, "Well, but we learn through our pain, we learn from the suffering." Okay, yes, we can learn from pain and suffering, but what I mostly learned from pain and suffering, is that it is profoundly better to live a true spiritual life dedicated to light and love. That's all my pain really taught me. I learn now by listening, meditating, reading, watching... not from suffering. The question then is not do we have to suffer, but are we ready to live a life based on what we have learned from our suffering. Suffering will continue for as long as you allow it, but truly, humanity has suffered enough. There are people out there who will say there is no god because there is suffering. God didn't create human suffering... we did that. Suffering is not god's design, it is fear's design. Every day we get to play a part in it, we choose love or we choose fear... fear will bring suffering, love will bring miracles. You can absolutely learn and continue to grow without suffering. The question is, are you ready to commit yourself to the tenants of love. Have you suffered enough? As we journey through this twin flame experience, we are dealt deep sadness and grief. The difference I see in people who rise above this experience and those that do not, is some of us accept and deal with that sadness and walk through our grief, and others stay in it, assuming that's just what's meant for them. I don't believe the sadness and the grief is meant for you to live in, at most it's meant for you to navigate and get to the other side of. Whatever you believe about your twin, at some point, if you want to have any kind of meaningful life, you do have to come to a place of surrender. You have to realize that you are not an entity unto yourself and as the wave cannot fight the ocean, we cannot fight god. Whether your surrender is simply to the timing of the universe, even if that's another fifty years before you ever find peace with your twin, or it's surrender in letting your twin go, or something in between, you must come to surrender in this. For as long as you are controlling, for as long as you are holding any level of bitterness, anger or hatred in your heart, you are separating yourself, not only from your eternal other half, but from source itself and we don't have the luxury of doing that. True twin flames have a very specific, very important job to do here and we are living in a crucial crossroad point of humanity where we are being asked to choose between love and fear and this is never more evident than right here within the twin flame world. We are living at a time of two intense parallel phenomena. One is an intensification of darkness and the other is the intensification of light. ~ Marianne Williamson What we seem to be missing in our pain, is that what is happening within the twin flame realm, is a microcosm of what is happening on our planet. It is said we are to shift this planet's energy... and we have it in our head that we will do that in reunion. I say we can do that right this second by surrendering, accepting our place in the story being told in the realm of humanity, and becoming fully invested in playing our part... regardless of what our twins are doing. Life is not one long romance novel. Look around you and see what we are creating. Globally, people are far more committed to hatred and separation than they are to love. I say that because people committed to hatred are not afraid to die for it and take as many people with them as need be. Those of us committed to love, are sitting quietly in pain wishing the world different. Yes, that is a WAY over simplification, but it's not entirely off the mark either. Our culture is currently dominated by a consciousness of fear and separation and the truth is, where love is, fear cannot exist. It is the same way as dark cannot exist where light is. The beauty here for those of us who long for our twins, is that true love dissolves the myth of separation. It's why so many of us have found such deep peace in our separation. It's because we've truly learned love and that there is nothing separating us from our twins. We are eternal. We are one. Whether this exact moment in time reflects that physically or not. The fact is, if I love you enough, we begin to reside on a plane of existence that doesn't attach itself to any walls that divide us. Separation is not possible. However, when we insist on holding onto our fear, our insecurity, our pain, then the mind perpetuates separation by projecting guilt, shame, anger, onto our twin so that we feel separate from them. This is true for twins, it's true for humanity. What we are not seeing is that there is purpose in this separation, because once we learn to master love, we can then teach it to this planet. For as long as we divide ourselves by race, region, gender, religion, anything, there will be fear, hate and violence. As twin flames, we have the power to restore humanity to a place of love and peace, but first we must truly learn it ourselves and I believe that to be the true reason for separation and it will not end until we've either completed this mission... or failed it. Do not bathe the situation in thinking everyone does the best they know how to do. That fosters a fake sentiment of absolution that never goes deeper than the surface. We all know that isn't true. Often we are blinded to truth and are genuinely doing our best, but I would also say that in most cases, we do know better, but chose against it. I knew that loving my twin was my mission, but I wanted to do that under the heading of us as a couple. I knew it wasn't necessary, but I wanted it. I withheld love for a time because he wouldn't choose me. I knew better, but I chose otherwise. My twin knew what we are, and he feared it. He knew better, but he chose fear. How often in your life have you known better, but in the moment you were too fearful? In the moment you were too controlling? In the moment you didn't want to listen to what was better? We all do it, so this notion of we're all doing the best we know how, it's bogus, and it's keeping us from holding one another accountable, from teaching true love. Instead we speak a watered down version that is keeping us immobile. You and I, as true twins, we have a calling on our life that is to humanity and if you don't see that, then I would ask you to do some very serious spiritual work and find what your truth really is. We all need to get past our culture of shame, discover who and what we truly are, and start living that authenticity in our lives. This year, the planetary energies will insist it and many of us will be doing soul searching and shifting of our focus. Life isn't a game where he who dies with the most toys wins. Life is a beautiful expression of souls, love, energy, truth, miracles and we, the twin flames, play a key role in all of that. If you are stuck in the obsessive, depressed portion of this journey, I beg of you to start taking stock of yourself and find a way to move forward. What we are and what we are truly meant to do here, is far greater than whether or not our twin is in our bed, or the bed of another. Be well and be blessed all who read these words.
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