Love from the farm
Dear Ones,

I've been a little quiet lately.

After the big push of releasing my album you helped me create, I drove home to North Carolina and have had a much-needed break from all things computer/social media, etc. It's been SO necessary to refuel and be with my nearest and dearest loves here at The Eco-Institute at Pickards Mountain. Clearing my mind and system from some of the clutter that accumulates scheduling my own everything as an artistpreneur is sooooooo healllthyyyyy and feels so right right now. Lots of nourishing meals, snuggles, time in the sun, and events that have been food for my soul. 

The photo above is of the greenhouse here with boxes from the BOOTSTRAPS performance here this summer. How sweet and symbolic that our "American Dream" boxes (for those who saw the show, you know what I'm talking about!) are now keeping the greenhouse rollin this winter. 

Speaking of, things for BOOTSTRAPS are looking REAL good. I'm talkin, 2 shows in NYC in January good. Details are getting sorted this week and we are just one step away from final confirmation for the 14th St YMHA in Manhattan. We are dreaming big with this one and reaching out to get lots of partner organizations on board. If you know of any in NYC, please let me know!

Ok time for some fun personal notes:

I moved to Massachusetts 1 year ago today. Remember that?! 

I just attended a 2 day Grief Ritual with Laurence Cole and am feeling cleansed, joyous, and aligned. It became very clear to me that my vocal coaching work will involve more elements of grief tending moving forward, and that these rituals are some of the most important kinds of work to do. 

I just mailed in my 23andme saliva sample to get my DNA tested to discover more about my ancestry because I have like no idea and it's time.

I have been receiving SO MANY song snippets during this time at home! More on that soon :)

And finally- one super important logistical note!

Please double-check and make sure your credit card information on here is up to date! Last month there were 2 pledges that did not go through because of expired cards. It makes a huge difference! Please let me know if you have any questions :) 

Big love to you all, wishing you peaceful, easeful Thanksgivings and times with loved ones



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