Love Is Better With Qwirks: Almost Out Of The Oven!
I posted the rough draft for this a while back, and think this baby is about done. Which is good, since Amanda & Neil's actual baby is due like any minute, I think. They've wandered off into the woods for the delivery, no doubt so the babe can be raised by wood sprites and wolves.   Hmm... I probably should have put wood sprites and wolves in the background ...  Oh well, you'll just have to imagine them!

And while you're imagining things, can you dream up some actual clever words for me? I added in the filler text, because the composition just seemed to need something there -- I admit I kind of like the oddness of it, but I'd rather have some ACTUALLY clever words!  No suggestion you make could possibly be lamer than my <fill in the blank> version, so please, I"m begging you, make a suggestion!  (You don't have to be signed up as a Patron to leave a comment, though I do think you have to have a free account here)

This is the first of the Qwirk imagges to use one of my watercolors as the background.  I've been lazy up until now,  and used stock art samples in the backgrounds, but moving forward, I'll be phasing in my own textures more and more.

I'm going to be running a promotion this month, featuring this image ...  a promotion that, if I can work it out, will mean an extra perk for EVERYBODY, so yay, right?   Also, we just hit our second month here on Patreon, and we're already almost halfway to the next milestone... OMG!   You all rock SO HARD.

 And yes, I'm working on fulfilling my first milestone promises  (some biz support apps and animation tests).  I've been busy experimenting and making some strategic decisions.  In other words,  I'm procrastinating with purpose, baby!

Ok, I've got to go prep the files for printing this months cards. I'll check back later to see your tag line suggestions, or if you like the oddball-ity of <insert clever words here> :)


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