Love Kills!
Some relationships can be a drag. Others so brief you hardly notice them and yet leaving a vast imprint on your bedridden heart.
Here's an excerpt from our recently unpublished autobiography “Strangely Attracted!” dealing with the subject:

“It happened during the trumpets' short lived tour in the suburbs of the swamp city. A poor attended show in a dirt hole called “The Sow Stalls”. A couple of drunk hippies were imitating pogo and there was a girl there. I only really noticed her after she flung her beer glass at me. Then she smiled and walked away.
It was the briefest and yet the most honest relationship I've ever had. So I composed a song about it right on the spot and we served it as our last number to the baffled audience. It took us about 39 minutes.
The owner of the place was very impressed. He called it the greatest unwritten love song ever written and offered us to become “The Saw Stalls” house act. An offer we then gladly accepted. A compromise with the society which eventually led to our total eclipse and dissolution. Love kills”. 

Here's a shorter version of the song and the lyrics:

I still remember your smell
on my khaki polyester
You said “You're my star”
Yet you didn't say a word
But I let you go
I let you stroll away
I like you more that way
Oh, I like you even more that way
So get lost you little twat!