A Love Letter to the Electric Pressure Cooked (and everyone)
Hey, Michael Clark, AKA "Amanda Palmer" AKA ______ here: a) Reminder that I'm committed to holding space at the cave in the Gorge this upcoming Saturday (4/18) all night. I'll have candles, some food, some poetry, a recorder (the instrument), and a ukulele. Feel free to leave your cell phones and electronic devices at home (if you'd like). Bring your heart, and join me as part of the band, with a new name: "In Hopes of Dischordia: the cave dwellers of the crooked river" :-D Bring whatever. We'll play. Thanks to Kristie Leahy for inspiration for this alternative name. b) I am unemployed. Or rather, self employed. This gives me crazy amounts of flexibility. And my creative energy is flowing. If you ever want to play, The Popes of Dischordia can convene wherever, whenever. And you're in. Where shall we play and what shall we do? c) Who was the goddess with the red ukulele? I don't know how to play and want to perform songs with a uke. I'd like to learn and I'd like accompaniment. d) I'm already planning all sorts of stuff for the next thing. I'm looking for collaborators. I need people who can help me reproduce the music to Beck's "Loser" as well as people who want to take on sections of the lyrics for a "shared solo" group rap. As well as people to hold up signs for a different performance. And other possibilities. Also, as I mentioned in an earlier post. I'd love to learn from anyone else's expertise and help other groups / performers collaborate together. I think getting the "audience" involved (see: magic tricks and Colors of the Wind and storytelling) are ways to really enliven things. e) Other ideas I've had include: - playing a version of Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah" with the lyrics of Beck's Loser (likely before busting out the full-audience version to Beck's music) - playing any number of AFP songs: especially (right now) "In My Mind" & "Map of Tasmania" (as well as other renditions of the Uke Anthem) - covering "Should I Stay or Should I Go" much like AFP and Zoe Boekbinder did here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeFHO4n3g7I - reciting AFP's TED talk - reciting Saul Williams' "Children of the Night" (he's playing the Grog Shop this Wednesday night!) - playing the Verve Pipe's "the Freshman" (they are playing the Music Box in Cleveland this Tuesday night!!) [I'm attending both shows. Might have extra tickets to Verve Pipe.] - teaching the crowd to juggle - singing all 10 verses of Bob Dylan's Desolation Row ...anyone want to help me set up a show where I'm the lead organizer of the festivities? "An Evening with Amanda Palmer, with special guest collaborator: Adam Clayton Archer Powell, and the Popes of Dischordia: A 4-member nomadic klezmer-funk rock barbershop quartet"? - sharing a 10 minute autobiography :-D
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