Love Letters To My Ancestors - III
Note: This is part of a collaboration between the Patheos Pagan channel, and an assortment of other Patheos bloggers. I paired up with the Reverend Sam Alexander, who blogs over at Christianity For the Spiritual But Not Religious. He’s been writing a beautiful series of love letters to a variety of recipients this October, and as part of my own exploration of my ancestors, I wanted to take a page from his book (as it were). So I will be writing three love letters to some of my ancestors this Samhain season; this is the third, the first may be found here and the second is here. ******************* To Those To Whom I Will Be An Ancestor, My 36th birthday is in two days. I never had children of my own, and I don’t intend to have children of my own. There are seven billion humans and growing all crowding this planet, sucking up resources and wildlife habitat and clean water like locusts from hell. When one of my heroes, David Attenborough, was born in 1926, the population was around two billion. In less than a century the human population has more than tripled, and the planet groans as we demand more food, more space, more things to be taken from all the other beings that live here. So no, I will not be adding to that pile of snarling human maws. But my lack of a contribution to overpopulation is barely perceptible in the din of thousands of births every day. And it is to those new and future humans, and to the surviving species who may make it through the human-caused extinction, that I address now. For while I live now, someday I will be your ancestor. Not directly, of course, but an ancestor, a grand auntie of millions. I will be one of countless beings in your past that you just might look back to with curiosity. When I was younger, I wanted to say that my generation would be the one to solve the environmental crises we face today, but I don’t think that’s likely. Read the rest here: