Love Like This
(for Dad who had a stroke last week. He’s recovering better than expected, so the first verse is partly poetic license)

1) It’s been six months since he’s called her his “dear dahling” that sweet way. 

Seven weeks since he first forgot her name. 

She fought to keep him in their home, /knowing how he’d pace and roam,

But tears fell as she realized he would never be the same. 

2) That day she turned a corner when she found him on the floor. 

She thought he’d fallen getting out of bed. 

She did not know what else to do, so she sat to wait for someone who

Would find them there as she cradled his bruised head. 

*And her memories flowed into the past

Her heart beat hard, she held him fast

Recalling where he gave her their first kiss.* 


It’s love like this, that patiently persists

And brings sweet healing to the hearts of all who see

That love like this, it still exists 

And is simple as two hearts that choose to be....

In love like this. 

3) The decades serving others made life hard sometimes, but sweet

Their table always had room for one more. 

The lonely, sad, and outcast always had a place to meet

And it mattered not if they were rich or poor. 

4) The nurses at the hospital just saw a feeble man. 

Confused and stumbling, try’ng to resist all.

Til she kissed his eyes and stroked his cheek and said “Just hold my hand

“I’m here and I won’t ever let you fall.”


It’s love like this...


Their childhoods were tough and life would knock them to the ground. 

It made them want to heal the world and so..

They travelled round the globe to parent all the hurt they found. 

And embodied, near and far, a place that lonely souls called Home....


It’s love like this...