A Love poem a Day
For the last year I have been in relationship with a man who I felt could be strong enough to hold my heart safely through whatever came. I have collected a year of poems that I wrote for him. I have written so many poems for so many people especially Love's that I dreamed would last forever. Of course the daily actions of love with a significant other never last forever. Someone changes their mind, leaves, someone gets sick, dies. The love can live on but the role we thought that person would play in our lives changes. I want to learn to live myself as much as I dedicate and immortalise the love of others, so I have decided to use this platform to begin a discipline of writing one love poem a day to life in this Wonderfilled amazing world. Follow me on Patreon to enjoy sharing this biophilia with me. Sweet angel true So much that you choose to do Open heart wide with love Embrace the gifts in all you think of Trust your wisdom Your intuition You are here living your perfect mission You already are your sacred calling Allow yourself satisfaction no more stalling Let yourself live wild and free Because you are perfect just as you be