Love Sucks: Episode 5 [Storyboard]
This is a basic storyboard for draft visuals. This is not what the actual series will look like, most features are missing or unfinished. The completed episodes will have better graphics and animations. Thank you for following the development of Love Sucks, if you enjoyed this video then remember to hit that 👍 button and if you're new here don't forget to subscribe and click the 🔔 as it helps out the channel and keeps you up to date ✌

Voiced by:

Ray Thibeault, Dustin Gray, Enid Casiano, AnaJo Skylark, Collin Spens, Noelle McHenry, Belsheber Rusape, Eric L. Williams, Joe Filippone, Cody Osborne, O'Dane Bryan, Carolina Anderson, Thomas Clinch, Andrea Mesich, Nicole Mondragon, Naten, Devious Toaster, Rob Valdez, Cody Osborne, Jordon Myers, Jason Thomsen & Kayla Ott

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DJT820 - Nothing Can Go Wrong, Right

Todd Hannigan - Courtside

Audionautix - Happy Strummin

The 126ers - Water Lily

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