Love your haters
Denise is back to teach a little lesson about haters. 

Okay, I wanted to draw a bunch of cute animals and name them all things that end in an "eese" sound. But I worked a self-esteem pig lesson in there. As Denise explained in her last comic, toxic people (people who hurt everyone and make people miserable just because they like it) are a totally different thing, and should be avoided. 

But haters, or, "buttheads" as some people call them, are usually mostly okay people who don't know how to react to kindness. Basically, let's say you have a disagreement with someone, and you prove them wrong, then, you try to be nice by apologizing for the conversation getting unpleasant. A hater/butthead will respond with an insult. Why? Usually because by being kind you have embarrassed them into seeing how nasty they were, but their ego gets in the way of them acknowledging that. All they know is you made them feel bad about themselves (something they already feel anyway) so they want to hurt you back. 

People like that need love. 

People who lie and sneak and try to learn your weaknesses just to use them against you to gain nothing but slurping up somebody else's pain...those people get the snip.

Know the difference.