It is easy to love other person. At least we think so. But is this the real love? Can we love another person if we don't love ourselves first? Of course not. But how to love ourselves? Many people think that loving ourselves is being selfish or that we need to look beautiful like models in the media in order to love ourselves. That is far from the truth. Loving ourselves means accepting us for who we are, it means that we are happy in our body, that we love and accept every wrinkle, every (im)perfection on our body. Because it is true - every imperfection is perfection, universe has made us perfect, universe does not make mistakes, the way we look is for a reason. Just think how much our body has done to us - every day, every second it tries to keep us alive, to get rid of every bad food we put into, to create balance, to regenerate that we would still look good and be able to do things like walk, talk, eat, feel, see and make love. Just think how much effort your body has to go through every day, just so you can live your purpose in this life on Earth. But are you living it? Are you grateful? Do you treat your body nice, like it deserves? I learned, that how we treat others, we will be treated, because every action has its own reaction, that is universal law. And if we are going to treat our body with love, respect, healthy food, believe me, body will be very grateful and it will start to show in physical changes. When you really start to love your body and yourself, you radiate love, you attract it, you don't need to search love in other people or seek approval. You know that you are the love you were searching for all your life, that you are enough, and only when you realize that, you can really love others unconditionally.