Loved By Angels Label Designs
One of my very big projects and commissions that i took on a while back was the graphic design lead in creating all visual art for "Loved By Angels" LLC  Logo Design, Business Card Design, as well as all product labels. 

At first I wasn't really given a direction as far as how she wanted her new business card designed. At the time she had a (then current) card which she wanted to keep the concept of but never really gave me direction as to how. And so...taking the same factors style and body of the card i was able to Design her this. Also, by then I had already created the logo for her business as you see placed in the image below. 

In the image below you can see her old card that is used with a public template on a printing site. What i take pride in is being able to create something individualized and custom for each and every client and so...after showing her the first rendition of the card, she was able to point out all the things she did and didn't like and that was honestly all the direction I needed. I was able to feel her vibe and energy and work off of that. In the end she loved the second design I came up with and decided to go with that. 

This is also another label I did for her later on down the road for another one of her custom essential oil creations.