Lovely French Range

Jul 28, 2021

My favorite range is the La Cornue CornuFé 110, so of course I needed to make it for The Sims too! Fancy French cooking appliances for all.

The Lovely French Range is 1.5 times the width of all other Sims stoves and in real life the doors open to the left and right. I absolutely do not know how to adjust the standard Sims oven door animation, so it opens downward instead of to the side. Please ignore that minor blip and enjoy this very pretty range for the *aesthetics.*

d e t a i l s

  • Lovely French Range - $4250
  • requires Parenthood (sorry, I based it on the Parenthood oven and it's beyond my hobby modding abilities to change it!)
  • 30 swatches! 15 body colors, each with brass or chrome trim
  • food quality: 5 • power consumption rating: 2 • reliability: 8 • +cooking skill
  • found in the buy catalog: kitchen > stoves
  • custom thumbnails
  • color tags
  • *fancy*

Tag me if you use these — I’d love to see!

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