Hello my name is Aaron Ollero and I am a creative artist!! I dance, do martial arts, freerun, illustrate, take photos, write poetry, and design. I am of Filipino descent and want to make my mark in the world. I live on Maui in Wailuku. I am looking for patrons on patreon. I'm also looking for a social media expert, writer for my comic and anything else you can help me out with. You can help me out with anything social media and marketing. Also if you want to collaborate on anything art, design, photography, freerunning, martial arts, poetry, or dance, please contact me and we can discuss anything you have in mind. Help me expand my creative arsenal. I'm currently going to school for graphic design and have been doing art since I was 6. I'm experienced in Photoshop and Illustrator for 10 years. Been doing martial arts since 2005. Danced for 13 years and love to do new things. I write poetry and freerun here and there, but i'm still very enthusiastic about both. I'm multi-talented and enjoy trying something new.I am also looking to start an art company. If you have any kind of talent drawing, performing, photography, design, social media, athletics, writing, any kind of superhuman ability, please contact me and we can set something up.This is my first time starting any kind of business like this so any pointers or strategies you can help me with would be great. The company will be called Kreative Arsenal. Now some of you might be asking how are social media and athletics creative? The and1 Basketball League might have something to say to that, if you are a creative social media expert we would love to have you. We would be a collection of people who have expertise in our very own talents. We would also sport the slogan "create Art, not war!!"My art varies, here are a list of things I do.-illustrations-anime/manga-cartoons/comics-abstract-design-photomanip-retouching-fun-photography- portraits- plants-street-food-random-design. -flyers-banners-invitations -t-shirts.-logos-signatures-dance-hiphop-bboy-martial arts-jeet kun do (my very own version)-boxing-muay thai-kali-wrestling-jiu-jitsu-freestyle martial arts-parkourYou can see more of what i can do on my websites.For pricing please contact me through email.