Lovers In An Undead Time is out!
Admittedly, you may already be aware of this, I was pretty loud about it last night. But yeah, it's out! It's somewhere between half an hour to an hour playtime. Next week will be the player's choice voting on the Indie Game Maker Contest site - I'll be throwing the link around for that to help people vote for me. :p Now that's finished, all 46 hours of development + hours learning RPGMaker, writing the plot, designing maps on paper, showers to help with dialogue ideas...I need the next project. There are a few things that are being started on. I'm making an artbook with all the bio's and background info/lore of the Lovers In An Undead Time universe. It will be paid for (minimum £1) to generate some extra income. After using Game Character Hub extensively for the portraits of the party in Lovers In An Undead Time, I'm considering making up some RPGMaker assets and selling them on Gamedevmarket. Also talking of assets, I'm looking at ideas for a sprite-set to make for Kale's Quarries of Scred. It may involve cats. I'm also making up some goggles-related designs to possibly be sold through redbubble or similar. On the games side, I feel I need to present one clarification: Past Reality (Cyberpunk Twine game) has not been abandoned. It is going through a revision and will be being worked on again as a side project. I found the art style I was aiming for a bit too ambitious, so I'm changing it to be pure text with some images (probably pixel art). There may be another game or two leading from Lovers In An Undead Time - either a prequel, sequel or both. But my major undertaking will be a 2D MegaMan-like, called The Goggles, They Do Everything! Story hasn't been entirely nailed down, but it will involve a lone goggles enthusiast against the forces of hats! I admit, I've been focused on the ideas for power-ups. One of the more outlandish ones has been Magical Goggles - transforming the wearer into a magical girl/boy. Slightly less outlandish: Aviator goggles grant temporary flight. The player will be able to cycle through their available goggles - and levels will have different paths accessible depending on available goggles. So there may be levels that have an easier path through if you have the aviators, for example. Anyway, I think that will do for now as a "here's where I am" post. Thank you all for your continued support!