loving the alien and other alienations on star wars day in berlin
may the 4th (star wars day!!!) 

10 am , hamburg: coffee, packing my bag,more coffee. i had to minimise my luggage because of my weak shoulder...(#oldpeopleproblems ). so  a small backpack had to be enough, changing outfits is overrated ;). 

i had a unexciting ride on the flix bus to berlin zob and headed to kreuzberg to meet rainer whom i met at my NIGHT OF THE LIVING SELFIE show in berlin two years ago. 


at 100burger is this streetart at the wall, it also repeats inside of the store.

being friends with the chef is never wrong, especially for poor artists like me, i got free döner and cola and headed towards my main reason why i was in berlin: LOVING THE ALIEN - THE STAGE  MUSICAL 

i was invited by ALFRED LADYLIKE, who played several different roles in the musical, to watch the show. 

very exciting, i´ ve seen some musicals before, like buddy holly (meh) or cats, which live performance totally disappointed me: i loved cats, i loved the songs, but not when you translate the songs to german and have performers who can not speak german at all...and then they sing...let´ s just say: this destroyed the experience. 

the weather was sweet, i was walking in the sunshine at oberbaumbrücke, it was pretty crowded, there were two juggling artist women at the traffic stop. what a lovely athmosphere to lose internet connection... so i was asking strangers for directions,travelling like it's 1998...asking for warschauer strasse may have totally outted me as a tourist. but i was lucky, i asked one woman and she was from my time zone and pulled out a paper guide...can you believe it?

i walked past the monster ronsons  because house numbers are a strange thing in berlin, but i arrived in time.

the crew was rehearsing when i got in, i saw some familiar faces, some hellos and how are yous. 

i met a jedi at the bar...:)

and we did some silly shooting ;), i just like berlin ...

the LOVING THE ALIEN musical itself was a blast. i loved the music , the band PLEASURE DOME playing all the music and the different performers during the musical, wow. 

i was so in awe i forgot to make photos...but this one turned out good, 

Billy Miles Brooke, the creator of the musical, Crayon Jones, Mandie Wilson and PLEASURE DOME performing LOVING THE ALIEN at Monster Ronson´ s in berlin. 

"If you like the Rocky Horror Show and Hedwig & the Angry Inch, you're going to LOVE "Loving the Alien"! By popular demand, this wild and wacky, scary and sexy, super rocking musical is returning to Berlin the last week of April for a limited run.
Everyone knows the famous glam rock alien, Ziggy. But did you know he had a younger brother named Iggy?
It 's 50 years later, and Iggy - the world' s first "official" alien visitor - lands on Earth. What does his arrival mean? Why has he come? Is he just trying to get lucky, or could this be the end of the world?
The colorful roles and insanely catchy glam music will make you laugh, cry, sing and dance; leaving you well spent.
Starring: Crayon Jones, Mandy Wilson, Mazy Mazeltov and Billy Miles Brooke, and LIVE on stage, one of Berlin's most popular bands, PLeaSureDomE, featuring members of The Fuzztones, Sigue Sigue Sputnik & The Glitter Band. With cutting edge dance choreography designed by Giulia Mandelli this show promises to be an evening of super rocking glamtastic wild and wacky, scary, sexy FUN!
Written and produced by Billy Miles Brooke, with music by Billy, Mark Standley, Jess O. Rodriguez, and Lena Wende." (fat text taken from the
facebook event page)

this show deserves a bigger stage and more audience, it is amazing. Mazy Mazeltov in the role of the evil emperess ANASTASIA struck me. the performance was on point and i really bought the suffering mother at the song "I Feel It All", goosebumps.

i hope to be able to show you a good video of the show, when the makers put it online, i hope they do. the whole show was recorded from several ankles. i only have two bad videos taken with my phone on facebook

the soundtrack is available online
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1BCNYHJ43U9iU2denCXznI
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/loving-the-alien-the-musical/1378086423 

after the show there was the usual karaoke thing happening at Monster Ronson´ s and the LOVING THE ALIEN crew sang karaoke together. it was lovely.

plus yoda and a jedi singing later at the evening

it was a fun night and a great show (did i mention that before), so at 3 am Alfred Ladylike and i decided that we deserve a taxi ride home. what a luxury.

my weak shoulder forced me to go back to hamburg the next day, my plan was to visit my friend and patreon sister Suzanne Forbes but i was afraid to overdo it (we´ ll meet soon , dear).

the ride back to hamburg was not as smooth as the ride to berlin. the flix bus driver was very rude to one of the customers because he thought he had some fast food with him, which he did not. the customer was mad at the busdriver because of his rudeness...it took 20 minutes to sort things out...but then i had 2 seats for me, it was very comfi.

 almost home in the s bahn in hamburg i experienced a strange thing: 3 teenage guys,18 or 20 yrs old, looking cool in sneakers and baggypants, another guy comes in at a station and they greet each other "like girls" do...like: hey dear how are you, you look good today ...

they kept talking very nice to each other...without the hey digger ey attitude but they looked like that...now i question myself how sexist am i? how many boxes do i have in my head?  

how much we get tricked by appearence?

it was quite surreal and sweet to watch. i thought: could it be we reached something??? we as humanity...sorry...this really got me thinking...

well, right, this was my trip to berlin on star wars day.

thanks for inviting me Alfred, i always enjoy my berlin time with you. 

i hope you enjoyed my write up, let me know, leave a heart or a comment.



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