"Loving" - Artwork
Hey guys <3

You're probably tired of seeing this painting by now, I've shared it everywhere and pasted it all over the place - but I'm so in love with it. So happy!

A short while ago, I asked on Twitter for help on how to describe my art. It's something I still struggle with, because english isn't my first language and because I still think I'm not good enough - we all have those thoughts from time to time. So, yeah, I asked for your help and you guys were lovely. You used words such as soft, innocent, magical, dreamy, nature vibes, etc. While I was writing down the notes I just had this sketch come up in my head and next day I knew I wanted to paint it - and make it special. I have to thank you for the help on this one!

What does this painting mean?
It's Greenie again, my original character, she's almost like a fairy with powers to create nature around her and look after plants. There's definitely innocence behind her design and all the things that I appreciate. I love green and I see it as a colour to represent kindness and love, it's also the colour of nature so her design is quite simple and natural. I did get inspiration for her outfit from Sims 4 (I just had this fun idea of playing it as Greenie) but hope to make original designs in the near future.

Keeping all of that in mind, I just wanted to create a piece that I would feel happy to look at, that it would represent my artwork and I wanted to experiment a little with it - again, trying not to over blend and render too much, just keeping it natural and fun for me to work faster and more comfortably. It did take me around 2 days and a half to finish, but still I didn't get bored and I managed to finish which is enough for me :D

I hope you guys like it as much as I do!