If you are Adventurer tier or above, you are eligible for Loyalty Awards!

What are Loyalty Awards?

A Loyalty Award is a "Thank You" doodle from me each time you pledge for 6 consecutive months. The type of drawing depends on pledge amount. Loyalty Awards are optional bonuses that are available to claim if you want, and patrons are not required to participate.

Loyalty Awards are meant to be a more personalized way for me to say, "thank you for your continued patronage," and I kindly ask that my patrons treat them as fun little bonuses and nothing more. Please don't treat them as commissions or tier rewards that are being directly purchased. Instead, please make your pledges with the desire in your heart to support me in my personal endeavors. Thank you for understanding.

<< Loyalty Award Submission Form >>


You are responsible for submitting an application after pledging for 6 months in a row. I apologize that I am unable to send reminders to individual patrons, so please take care to mark the date in your calendar if you are interested in participating.

If you have lost track of how many months you have pledged consecutively, please email me at [email protected] or DM me on Discord. Include your Patreon email address. I'll be happy to check for you. 

The new 6 month period resets after you send in your submission for a Loyalty Award.
ie. If you pledged in January, but do not submit an application until after Patreon charges you for September (waiting 9 months), you will be unable to claim another Loyalty Award until March of next year.

If you change your pledge amount within a 6 month period, you will only be able to claim the award for the lowest tier you were in.
ie. If you were pledging $5 (Adventurer) for 2 months then pledged $10 (Hero) for the remaining 4 months, you may only receive the Adventurer tier Loyalty Award.

Loyalty Awards follow the same set of standards described in my commission ToS, but have more restrictions:

  • These are "artist's choice wing-its"; you may only provide visual references and list 2-5 personality traits with no other details.
  • WIPs will not be shown.
  • One character only.
  • NSFW requests are only allowed for characters that are AND look 18+ years old, and are limited to exposed breasts only with no other additions or details.

Terms and awards are subject to change at any time for any reason. Please keep in mind that revisions to these terms and awards are inevitable when the number of patrons fluctuate.

Award Types

Adventurer tier (pledge $5-$9 per month)
Bust sketch

Hero tier (pledge $10-$19 per month)
Half body sketch

Champion tier (pledge $20+ per month)
Half body colored sketch

Thank you so much for your continued patronage, love, and support!

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