Lubo Chapter 2 Page 12
You may have noticed Lopu's bandages a for the last few pages. It's not until panel 4 that i decided to draw in the stains, since the purpose of that panel is to point out those bandages.

Also this is the first time I did "whispering" voice bubbles. Hopefully it's obvious that they're whispering. I've seen other comics treat whispering the same way.

Originally, in the last panel, I was going to have Lubo, Luna, Tygo AND Olaf have their own reaction shot. But I felt like it was a bit much and I realized that Olaf would already know this information of Lopu having told him, so he's not in the last panel. As for Luna and Tygo, I remembered that they're already right behind Lubo, so I just had them share the same panel.