Lubo Chapter 6 Page 2
This is the last time we'll be seeing Lopu's old friends for a while, but don't worry. They will definitely show up later at different points in the story.

I figured I'd have Rikku and Jiro show up for the final page to show the group because I felt like they had the least panel time out of all the members. Plus I wanted to give Lubo a sword, and it made the most sense to me that it would be Rikku to give it to him.

I enjoyed getting to draw Rikku's expression (or lack of one) one final time. I especially like his expression in the last panel.

I feel like this page fits well with the previous page. The law enforcement of both Jatui and Rokamina have to go after some criminal. And at the same page, Olaf happens to address something about a thing only the police of Jatui can use legally. Uh my explanation is making sense, right?